Dried Fruits & Vegetables for small animals!!


We have something new for small animals!

Dah dang! Here we have the dried mixed fruits & vegetables for rabbits, guinea pigs, dogs, cats and even Human!

Sound cool huh?! It's only selling @ RM 5 per pack.

What are you waiting for?  Come and grab this healthy for your loved pets & yourself !  ;)

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Dating with your Pet!

It's Sunday!

Planning to bring your pet for a date but think of no where to go?

Blink Pets Bakery welcome you & your fur friends! :)

We are Pet Friendly bakery located @ The Pet Safari, IPC shopping Centre.

Bibi , the shih tzu , can't wait to grab his dognut!

Looks, we have Louis the first cat in Blink Pets Bakery :)

See You & wish you a Happy Sunday!

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Banana Cakes & Muffins for Owners!!

Ba ba ba...baba...It's Banana Day!

We have fresh baked Banana Cakes & Banana Muffins for Human this Morning!

Freshly baked Banana Cakes

Walnut Banana Muffins & Peach Banana Muffins

Who has the craving for Banana now?

Come grab the yummy banana pastries @ Blink Pets Bakery - The Pet Safari, IPC Shopping Centre! :)

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Honey Oat Crackers in the Bakery! 蜜糖麦片脆饼出炉啦 !

Yes, we have Honey Oat Crackers today!
新鲜的蜜糖麦片脆饼出炉啦 ! 

Oatmeal is a good source of soluble fiber.This can be beneficial for some older dogs that may have trouble maintaining bowel regularity.
燕麦拥有丰富的纤维,对于一些面对有排泄问题,年纪较大的狗狗有很大的益处 。

The oat crackers are not only healthy snacks for Pets but Human too!

Yum Yum....

Honey Oat Crackers ready for bake

Crackers done!!

Visit www.blinkpetsbakery.com  for more products info.
更多产品知讯,欢迎浏览 www.blinkpetsbakery.com.

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Banana Cookies - Healthier Choice of Pet Treats 香蕉曲奇

We have made another new flavor of treats today - Banana Cookies!

Do You Know That...

Banana is a very delicious and nutritious food that can be easily devoured by the pets.

Not only banana, we have the hot selling Cheese Cookies fresh baked from the oven. :)

Come find us @ The Pet Safari, IPC Shopping Centre or contact us @ 012-3289233 to grab these hot treats now!

想要购买的朋友欢迎来到The Pet Safari, IPC Shopping Centre 或拨电致 012-328 9233 来订购吧!

Visit our website www.blinkpetsbakery.com for more product info.
欢迎浏览我们的网页 www.blinkpetsbakery.com 以获知更多详情。

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We are Pet Friendly Cafe!

Dear Owner, 

Do you know there is a pet cafe where you can chill with your fur friends/kids in Malaysia ?

Yes, we are Blink Pets Bakery, the pet friendly cafe in Malaysia!

We not only serve the Pet Pastries but Human Pastries as well. :)

[For Pets] Pitzza, Icing Cookies, Dognuts, Muffins

[For Human] Oreo Cheesecake, Chocolate Orange Cheesecake, Walnut Cake 

Isn't it awesome to have a cuppa tea with your fur friends/ kids together?!

See you~

Your faithfully,
Blink Pets Bakery

Visit our website for more products info - www.blinkpetsbakery.com

Happy Mother's Day!!

This is really a special Mother's Day because we have both our CEO & COO, Blink Blink & Bang Bang, to celebrate with us @ Blink Pets Bakery!

They have made an awesome ' business trip' from Johor to Selangor! In spite of  sight seeing the retail, they have 'QC' our products as well. Hmm..seems the fresh pitzza has gotten a "pass" from our COO, Bang Bang.

Again, we sincerely welcome them to Blink Pets Bakery! Woof~

Blink Pets Bakery on Petster Magazine!

Hey Peeps!

Blink Pets Bakery is featured on Petster Magazine May issue!!

We appreciate Petster Magazine for giving us the opportunity to introduce Pet Bakery to more Pet Lovers in town!

We will be sharing more about our products information on the next issue! :) 

Happy Reading! ( *print copy will be issued on mid May)

Online Copy: 

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Can Pets eat Cakes? 宠物真的能吃蛋糕吗?

It has been a week since Blink Pets Bakery opening and many pet owners were asking : "Can my dogs / cats eat the cakes?".

"Yes. Why not? All these pastries are specially made for your furry friends!" this is the answer we replied.

Next, we will share with pet owner what is the ingredients used & what is the ingredients we don't use in the recipe.

Basically, our products like cakes, muffins, dognuts, and cookies are made by pet safe ingredients like wheat flour, honey, eggs, fruit, herbs and etc. We use natural ingredients to ensure the furry friends can consume the food  under safe conditions without sugar, preservative or coloring.

Pets are like human, they will allergy to certain food as well. Some pets are allergy to food  like chicken or seafood that could cause them skin problems. Some pets are lactose intolerant hence the over consume of dairy product could develop diarrhea. Pet owners are strongly advice to understand their pets health condition before they make the purchase.

Pets need to be pampered too. A little "yummylicious" rewards given is another ways of keeping them happy & healthy,  don't you agree?

* Log on to www.blinkpetsbakery.com for more products info*

Ashley , the cute golden retriever, is choosing his yum yum cake!

自Blink Pets Bakery营业以来,许多主人们都会好奇的提问:“ 我的狗狗 / 猫咪能吃蛋糕吗?”

"当然!为什么不能?这些蛋糕点心全都是特别为了你们的毛毛朋友而烘的啊!" 这是我们的答案。




宠物们其实也需要被宠爱的。偶尔把可口的甜点当成奖励也是一种能令它们愉快和平衡健康的方式, 不是吗?

* 更多的食物详情,欢迎浏览 www.blinkpetsbakery.com *

Browny, the poodle is waiting so long~~for her cheezy sesame stick!