Eggshell Powder 蛋壳粉

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Powdered eggshells make a great calcium supplement for dogs and cats being fed a homemade diet. Because meat is high in phosphorus and low in calcium, any dog fed an all-meat diet that doesn't contain bone needs a calcium supplement. Even one fed a mixed cooked diet without bones could use a calcium boost.
Experts continue to debate the ideal ratio of calcium to phosphorus for dogs should be 1:1, while others advocate as high as 2:1. 

Suggestion Dose
If you're using ground egg shells as a calcium supplement for a homemade diet, you will need to add 1/2 tsp. of the powder (this equals about 400 milligrams of adsorbable calcium) for each pound of boneless meat in your recipe.

Blink Pets Bakery自制蛋壳粉


蛋壳粉是一种很好的天然鈣粉代替给予狗狗和猫咪。如果家长是自製食物給毛孩子吃或是让毛孩子进行淨肉饮食配方的话,因為營養配合上是不能做到和優質狗糧同樣的營養均衡 (尤其是进行无骨的淨肉配方,所以鈣質還是需要去補給。但是補給並不是我們想得那麼簡單,因為飲食中的鈣和磷一定要合比例,身體才能吸收及利用,有专家爭議對狗狗來說鈣和磷大約的比例是1:1而有些則高逹至2:1左右。


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